This video shows the viewer how to light an energy saving light bulb without plugging it in. The process is also explained in detail during the video.

How to Light an energy saving bulb without plugging it

"Purnama Merindu" was written by S, Lukhman / Azmeer, is a Malaysian song sang by Siti Nurhaliza. The lyrics of the song was translated to English as the following :

Purnama Merindu lyrics

TIPA line Bermaknakah words
Or is it just lip service Bersungguhkan missed that you pamirkan
Or was just lakonan
Has been attached in my heart
Although the cloud
Rinduku not change direction
c / o
Full moon floating just friends
Berkelipan star and cloud
Who knew that gripped missed
In my heart
I asked on the existing
I missed on the love
I seduce you are willing
(Repeat # and c / o)
(Full floating various colors)
(If embunpun come stay full)
I'm left
Bertemankan lonely night
(I asked the existing)
I missed on the love
(I seduce)
You are willing to play up
I asked
(In the present)
I miss
(In the love)
I seduce
(You are willing)
Hiaskanlah love my sweet jaris
Sinarkan glittering like gold
Tandakanlah love the tower heart
Serikanlah full longing

Siti Nurhaliza - Purnama Merindu

Many people are very careful to protect their wealth for fear of lost not found, especially the wallet. Mostly if you lose wallet, certainly it's very rare to be found, or sometime you it can be found but still losing money in the wallet. However, people have different loyalty, especially some people who do not want other people's wealth. To confirm this, a man has pretend to fall the wallet from his pocket in Dubai, and then he realize that no one take his wallet, but they told the wallet owner to pick it up back. To know how honest the people in Arab are please watch the following video.

What happened if you lost a wallet in Dubai???

Professionally trained helper animals—such as guide dogs for the blind—offer obvious benefits to humans. However, the average domestic pet, such as a dog, cat—even a goldfish—can also provide many therapeutic and health benefits. Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Caring for a pet may even help you live longer. In the following videos, show about how lonely the dog is which it bark the sound just like human speech. It rarely to see or to hear the dog can talk like this.

Talking husky puppy

High-tech toilets fitted using touchscreen
High-tech toilets fitted using touchscreen, with highest price over $ 6000
Technology too grown even toilets are also more modern. Obviously toilet called Numi allow user to play musical entertainment with a touchscreen remote control and thermal seat hydrodynamic with highest price is $ 6097. Numi which worth thousands of dollars is provided sanitation for people to use, and is designed to attach an auto-cleaning technology. The touchscreen remote control to open the cover toilet remotely without the need to use directly. Other features of the thermal Numi seat which comes ready with pots cleared customizable colored lights illuminating can control the music, as well as heaters for drying.

High-tech toilets fitted using touchscreen, with highest price over $ 6000

'Because the world is too often missing aircraft suspected alien aircraft to surprise Youtube UFO saucer alien in Santa Clarita. The below is the videos of UFO let's see it and show your opinion about this video below.

UFO saucer alien in Santa Clarita

Thailand: General of the soldiers of an ordered his soldiers to prepare as a rule, to order to General admitted asking lover from his girlfriend. After posting activity into the social network Facebook already, many are working strongly criticized the General.

General admitted asking lover from his girlfriend

Northern Khmer, also called Khmer Surin, is the dialect of the Khmer language spoken by approximately 1.4 million Khmer native to the Thai provinces of Surin, Sisaket, Buriram and Roi Et as well as those that have migrated from this region into Cambodia. Northern Khmer differs from the standard language, based on a dialect of Central Khmer, in the number and variety of vowel phonemes, consonantal distribution, lexicon, grammar, and, most notably, pronunciation of syllable-final /r/, giving Northern Khmer a distinct accent easily recognizable by speakers of other dialects. Some speakers of Northern Khmer may understand other varieties of Khmer but speakers of standard Khmer who have not been exposed to Northern Khmer often have trouble understanding Northern Khmer at first. The two varieties are 80–85% cognate on a basic 270-word list.These facts have led some linguists to advocate considering Northern Khmer a separate, but closely related language.

Khmer Surin Concert

A man has made a very surprised that he was able to make the floating Orb can have. That this is the thing that people can not do it like him on it. You may of wanted to know Secrecy he can make floating Orb, after the video below, you will know which way to floating Orb

The Mysterious Floating Orb

December 28, 2014 is ancient Khmer art show at the Diamond Island.This parade has marched in the streets of the city of Diamond Island with dress clothes ancient Khmer Angkor.This parade is like a parade of Jayavarman 7 with a large number of regiments escort

ancient Khmer art show at the Diamond Island

Prum Manh and Neang Yoy​ are the best partner in his singing Ayai both embedded and mixed with a sense of humor that makes the audience laugh. Video Here's a funny video they both visit and wanted to visit because of a sense of humor.

Ayai Prum Manh and Neang Yoy

This is a video that shows the bamboo train in the country, which is the creativity of the people who live along the rail.They form the bamboo train in order to support the travel and transport along the rail. Run by a six horse power engine, these makeshift improvised rail vehicles are made out of bamboo where a small mat is placed for sitting down. Being so low to the ground and running up to speeds of 50 kilometers an hour, you really feel as though you're humming along the old rickety tracks.

Cambodia's Fantastic Bamboo Train (Nori)

Recently, in the social network Facebook is a video that shows the marriage, a marriage celebrated in a luxurious villa, consisting of surface-designed by luxury wooden splint embroidery. Posting this video has attracted millions of Facebook users to visit.

a luxurious villa, consisting of surface-designed by luxury wooden

Lynne magpie you from this course of many teachers. By bringing out of each side of the combination was studied. As part of the acquisition of direct vision of the Father's glory magpie. From being transmitted from father Buddha Temple. Teacher of the old drug ginkgo (NO. Burma) applied to a specific person texts. Whoever has the gold in your textbook. Lynne magpie to have believed that. Mercy popular charm will bring great glory, who has spoken with affection as they come with imprinted. As if to admire the magic is lost Mhalalwi The species is strictly prohibited.

In Lynne magpie into my belly

Korean songs are very popular in the last century.Youth in Asia almost all popular and loved to listen to the song of Korea. Now let's listen to a popular song, one which is a tonal Home's Taeyang has the titles that Eyes, Nose, Lips, who sang with the girls high school students a nice one really sweet.

Cute Korean student covers TAEYANG - Eyes, Nose, Lips